Andes is an online data marketplace for social impact organizations to share development data among a global community of practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders working towards poverty alleviation in developing countries.





Upload data in multiple formats or take advantage of integrations with leading data collection and management tools

Control privacy with robust sharing settings that ensure data remains scrubbed and anonymized



Find the data you need with a curated, searchable marketplace

Rely on our Confidence Score to get the highest quality data

Tap into any geographic, thematic, or programmatic area of interest



Discuss programming, share best practices, and increase peer to peer learning through an internal social network

Rate and review shared data in real-time in the global marketplace

Andes provides curated information and analytics from data collected on the ground in emerging markets by leading social impact organizations. Unlike relying on isolated and costly data gathering, the platform equips users with a global, data for development network.

Andes exists to tackle two, interrelated challenges


With the prevalent use of mobile, tablet, and cloud-based tools, data collection in developing countries has become faster and more dispersed than ever before. While data collection is exploding, access to relevant development data remains limited. Most data remains siloed within individual entities, creating a massive redundancy and inefficiency in the process.


Social enterprises and private companies are playing an increasingly important role in global poverty alleviation by providing life-changing solutions in developing countries. In order to develop, market, and deliver these solutions, they require intimate knowledge and insights to unlock opportunities in emerging markets by better understanding the bottom of the pyramid.

We believe in helping organizations generate value from their data collection, analysis, and management efforts while improving data quality, transparency, and utility within the sector. 

We believe in fostering a data for development community that benefits all organizations at all levels that collect and use data in their work towards social and economic development.

We are a mission driven initiative with a commitment to improving the social impact sector while generating revenue to support our operations and continually improve the platform. 

We are currently conducting market research and developing a prototype of the platform to go live in 2016.  We are seeking funders and partners to help us develop our vision. 


Contact us for more information and to stay updated on our progress.